Let me tell you a bit about me:

I grew up in northern Germany. My parents are scientists and artists and very open-minded. From early on we backpacked all over the place, sleeping at places of the locals we met during the day. At a very young age people and their cultures inspired me to eventually become a visual storyteller.

My grandfather was the inventor of audiotape recording and he is the father of video as well. His vision was that video could bring cultures closer together, so that people could learn from each other to prevent racism. He had a big impact on me. I learned that nothing is impossible if you only go for it!

As a kid I raced motocross races at the local Husqvarna Team. It was a challenge to live my dream, because my parents hated it and I had to organise and finance it all by myself. After shool I worked at a car garage to finance petrol and spare parts. At the age of 18 I discovered mountainbike downhill in the very first years of the sport. I was totally hooked and raced the World-Cup during the mid 90’s until I fell in LOVE with photography.

In 1995 I swiched from handlebars to camera.